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Seabee is known throughout the mining and rock-crushing industry for building the most robust cylinders for the toughest applications. We understand the demanding expectations related to heat, dirt, hard cycling & serviceability, which are placed on mining and rock-crushing cylinders. 



Operating in tough environments requires equipment with robust cylinders. Our experienced engineering and production teams work closely with customers to meet the most challenging application requirements. 


Oil & Gas

Our testing capabilities, material certifications, and product traceability provide oil & gas drilling companies with the cylinders they need for off-shore and on-shore operations. 



For over 25 years, Seabee’s cylinders have helped make our country strong and safe, and we are proud to continue to provide our second-to-none design and manufacturing capabilities to our federal and local governments. We understand how to work with our partners in the government to provide the best possible product and service experience. 


Industrial Handling

To move loads with the required accuracy, we design and manufacture cylinders that consistently operate smoothly and with no drift. Those capabilities enable us to partner with industry-leading OEMs worldwide. 



Seabee designs and manufactures field-proven, extreme-duty cycle hydraulic cylinders to help customer applications perform these difficult forestry requirements. 



We utilize premium coatings and materials to accommodate this highly corrosive environment, provide longer cylinder life, and reduce maintenance costs. We also have developed hydraulic and mechanical cylinder locking devices for this industry. 



Seabee has unsurpassed experience designing and building custom hydraulic cylinders for every application in the mobile crane industry. Our knowledgeable experts at design calculations, material, and component selection give safety factors the foremost consideration and ensure that our customers will never be plagued with issues such as thermal drifting, pressure growth, or rod buckling. We back our products with the industry's best customer and technical support, including service instruction, product bulletins, and troubleshooting information. 


Utility Trucks

Seabee manufactures over 150,000 hydraulic cylinders per year for dump bodies, lift gates, utility cranes, and utility trucks. We have custom-designed thousands of rams, single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic hydraulic cylinders to meet the requirements of these applications.

Utility Trucks-1

Earth Moving Equipment 

The earth-moving industry sets extremely rigid requirements for its products, and earth-moving equipment demands rugged, powerful, and dependable hydraulic cylinders.

Seabee is experienced in designing and manufacturing high-quality, field-proven hydraulic cylinders that meet and exceed industry standards and help our OEM customers gain a competitive advantage with their products. 

Earth Moving


From mast raise to pull-down cylinders, Seabee products are used on many of the oil drilling rigs around the world. Oil pumping applications are also very popular. 


Oil Platforms

Seabee designs and manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders for OEMs in the Water, Oil and Gas industries.

Seabee hydraulic cylinders can be found on a variety of truck and track mounted drill rigs, horizontal directional drills (HDDs), and pipeline support equipment, such as, pipe benders. 

Seabee offers exceptional product support tailored to our customer’s needs. Seabee’s rugged, high-quality cylinders provide superior performance and reliability over an extended service life in the field. 

Oil Platforms


Diggers and other types of construction equipment are very demanding applications that face extreme pressure, temperature, shock, vibration, and contamination.

Our progressive engineering team, along with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, allows us to produce very durable, high-quality hydraulic cylinders that exceed the requirements of this industry. 



This is tough, dirty work and requires a hydraulic cylinder capable of working day after day, year after year. Due to the environment, cylinders must be highly engineered to ensure contamination is not introduced into the functionality. 



We have the technical knowledge and production excellence to help deliver top performance under the harshest conditions. In fact, every cylinder we manufacture meets or exceeds industry requirements. 


Dump Trucks

So many applications are as much about the people working in the vicinity as it is about the material being moved. 

Dump Trucks

Recycling and Trash Compactors

Seabee manufactures robust and reliable hydraulic cylinders that can withstand harsh operating environments required by the recycling and compacting industry.


Specialty Heavy-Duty

Our innovative engineering team and modern manufacturing facilities combine to provide OEMs with quality cylinders that have the durability to withstand extreme pressure, temperature, shock, vibration, and contamination. 

Heavy Duty
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